Original Solitude

On the glory, grace and mystery of consecrated virginity lived in the world

Authentic Femininity

Here’s an excellent article on Blessed Pope John Paul II’s teaching on woman and the feminine genius, from the website of the Servants of the Pierced Hearts of Jesus and Mary.

The Elevation of the Dignity and Mission of Women by the Petrine Principle in John Paul II
Sr. Ashleigh Heinrich, sctjm

“Authentic femininity that bears the divine image has been wounded by the inheritance of Original Sin. While the effects of humanity’s first parents on the feminine identity can already be seen in the Garden, the repercussions have reverberated through the centuries and have reached tragic levels in recent decades. While some historical forms of the degradation of women (male domination, being treated as objects of lust, and economic discrimination) persist, a new form of attack against the female identity has arisen from women themselves. Cleverly disguised as a movement to “free” women, these threats target the essence of the feminine heart—spousal love, maternity, and receptivity—and “in the name of ‘freedom’ and ‘progress’ militate against true values.”[2] The movement to masculinize women has obscured the dignity of the feminine heart that was created in the image and likeness of God.”  [Read the full article here.]


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