Original Solitude

On the glory, grace and mystery of consecrated virginity lived in the world

A precious pearl worth dying for and worth living for

The following is extracted from a letter written by a consecrated virgin to the NZ Catholic newspaper after it received many letters calling for priests to marry.

The celibate vocation is not a deprivation. It is a precious gift leading to deep fulfilment of our call to communion according to God’s loving plan for us.

God made us male and female for communion. Marriage and celibacy for the sake of the kingdom are the two ways of reaching this communion.

Marriage is an earthly sign of the heavenly marriage of the Lamb. Celibacy for the sake of the kingdom is the actual living out of the heavenly marriage.

In heaven, every human person is celibate. The marital act, no longer necessary, gives way to the heavenly marriage upon which celibacy is already focused. If rightly received and lived, celibacy is a miracle of grace by which the celibate can be so transformed as to be freed from sin and temptation to a high degree. Celibacy becomes a friend to embrace and not an enemy to struggle against, and the celibate begins to experience, though not yet perfectly, the redemption of the body in anticipation of the final resurrection when the celibate will be transfigured and perfected.

This precious pearl of celibacy is worth dying for and worth living for.


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